Fourth announcement

4th announcement of International Astronomical Union Symposium 380

“Cosmic Masers: Proper Motion toward the Next-Generation Large Projects”

March 20-24, 2023, Kagoshima-city, Japan + online (hybrid mode)



The Website has been updated frequently, including local information,
list of participants, draft program, and social events.

Please confirm your name and affiliation in the participant list.
In particular, please check the spelling carefully. We will make ID cards
based on this list. For the name of your affiliation, it is preferable
to use a simplified notation for the ID card. If there are any corrections,
please contact the LOC by **February 19**.

The final program is uploaded on the website:

Scientific Programme

Please confirm your talk, name, and affiliation in the program.
Please note that the all schedules are in Japan Standard Time (JST=UTC+9h).
We will have poster flash talk sessions before poster viewing sessions.

The procedures to prepare the scientific presentations will be described
in detail in the following web page:

Scientific Programme

For oral presentations, the presenter will take the stage and speak on
the screen at the venue, and the presentation will be streamed online via
zoom. The organizer will arrange a zoom meeting.
For poster presentations, the organizers will collect poster files (PDF)
from both of the online and in-person participants. All the poster files
will be displayed in the SLACK workspace. Therefore, it is recommended to
avoid to put any confidential materials in the poster. On-site participants
should bring their own printed posters as well. The posters, including
those of online participants, will be displayed at the venue. For questions
and answers for poster presentations, the organizers will create channels
for individual presenters on SLACK for the conference and conduct them in
a text-based manner. We plan to organize poster flash talk sessions during
the symposium. Each poster presenter will be assigned 1-minute talk in
either of two poster flash talk sessions. We will ask the poster presenters
to provide the 1-page of presentation file (pdf) in advance unless they
cannot attend the poster flash talk session due to some difficulties.

Here the call for business sessions during the symposium is opened.
The (closed) business meetings are available in the lunch time (12:30–14:00)
from March 21 to 24 in a large meeting room, with capacity of approximately
30 people, next to the symposium hall. It will be opened during 12:00–14:00.
A representative who plans to organize a business meeting needs to provide
the meeting information in detail, such as the title, the name(s) of the
chairperson(s) (necessary for early announcements), and the possible size of
the meeting (should be more than 10 participants including the chairpersons
because of the limited time slots for the large meeting room). A short
summary of the meeting is helpful for collecting the participants.
If requested, lunch box services are considered (optional). The call will
be opened until March 3rd, then the time slots of the large meeting room
will be allocated and announced. A few small opened meeting rooms are also
available next to the symposium hall.

The details of the social events are described in the symposium web page.
On March 22 afternoon, we will have an excursion free of charge (bus tour
to a black vinegar factory associated with afternoon tea, and then to
Sakurajima Park). By default, all the on-site participants are supposed to
attend the excursion. If you will not attend the excursion, please let
the LOC know it as soon as possible.
The registration to the symposium dinner is still opened through the web
registration portal until February 10th. Those who need certain arrangements
of the meal (vegetarian, halal, etc.) are encouraged to contact LOC on the
restrictions. We will try to meet your requests as much as we could.
Please note that the restaurant does not have an official certificate of
vegetarian or halal, so we may not be able to fully meet your requests.

Other local information will be announced in the final circular in
early March.

4th Circular (final program, decision of format/site): 2023/02/10
Final Circular (detailed local information, logistics): 2023/02/28
Symposium welcoming reception and initial registration: 2023/03/19
Symposium main science sessions: 2023/03/20-24
Proceedings deadline: 2023/05/01
Proceedings publication: 2023/09/30