[Important] Travel to Kagoshima via Shinkansen super express from Tokyo


Dear IAUS 380 travelers

We have received reports of some travelers arriving in Japan who have
been asked to quarantine for several days despite testing negative on
PCR tests. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you may
encounter in such regard and acknowledge that your forward travel to
Kagoshima may be disrupted.

In the case that your planned forward flights are missed and the
possibility to re-book a later flight  is no longer available, we
propose the option of booking the Shinkansen bullet train as an
alternative. It also may be possible to get a refund on forward flights
which were disrupted by issues related to Covid-19. Please contact your
travel company on this matter.

Tickets from Tokyo to Kagoshima cost about 30,000 yen and the journey
takes about 6.5hrs. Fortunately the Shinkansen departs from Tokyo
several times per hour and rarely becomes fully booked but considering
that the Japanese spring break has begun it may be wise to book tickets
for securing travel and peace of mind.

Here please note that there is no direct Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kagoshima-Chuo.
It is necessary to change trains at Shin-Osaka or Hakata.
Therefore, please change “Kagoshima station” to “Kagoshima-Chuo station”.

Tickets can be booked through the website:
えきねっと(JR東日本)|トップ:新幹線・JR特急列車の予約 東日本のツアー
駅レンタカー申込 <https://www.eki-net.com/Personal/Top/Index>
eki-net.com <https://www.eki-net.com/Personal/Top/Index>


Also you can check those web pages as well. However, it is unclear to us which is the best/most convenient one.

However, it is also possible to buy the tickets at JR stations
using the multi-language machines.

Finally, it is recommended to come to the Li-Ka Nangoku Hall earlier,
before the Welcome Drink starting from 17:00 JST today (March 19)
because all the participants are requested to visit the registration desk at first,
and the poster presenters are also requested to set their own posters.

Anyway, we are looking forward to meeting you at the venue this afternoon.

Kind regards,

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