For finding restaurants near the venue or in Kagoshima City, the following information may be helpful.

Restaurant map in Japanese by Kagoshima Tourism Convention Association.
The maps of the first page points north to the right. In the first page, the top is the Kagoshima Central Station area, also the venue of the symposium, Li-Ka 1920, is listed. The bottom is the seaside area and the east side of Kagoshima University.
The second page shows the Tenmonkan area, the downtown of Kagoshima City. The upper left window is the map of the Sakurajima area, the famous active volcano and the symbol of Kagoshima Prefecture. Notice that the second page maps point north to the top.

Restaurant Guide webpage in English by Kagoshima City Tourism Guide.
You can find the information and the location of the restaurants on this page. For Kagoshima City, choose “Center of the city (downtown)” on the “Area” tag.