Contributing Talks

Updated on 2023 February 2.

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A comprehensive model of maser polarization Boy LANKHAAR Chalmers University of Technology /
Leiden Observatory
in person
Maser polarization simulation in an evolving star: effect of magnetic field on SiO maser in the circumstellar envelope Montree PHETRA Chiang Mai University / NARIT in person
Could kilomasers pinpoint supermassive stars? Katarzyna NOWAK University of Hertfordshire  in person
OH megamasers in extremely obscured LIRGs – probing dense and collimated outflows? Susanne AALTO Chalmers University of Technology in person
Methanimine Megamasers as Tracers of Opaque Galactic Nuclei Mark GORSKI Chalmers University of Technology online
IC485: A candidate for a new maser disk galaxy Elisabetta LADU Universita degli studi di Cagliari /
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari
What’s behind the corner: Maser emission in nearby and distant galaxies with the new radio facilities Andrea TARCHI INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari  online
SiO maser line ratios in the BAaDE survey Megan Olivia LEWIS Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Polish Academy of Sciences  in person
Results of KVN Key Science Program for evolved stars Youngjoo YUN KASI in person
The Astrometric Animation of Water Masers toward the Mira Variable BX Cam Shuangjing XU KASI / SHAO in person
Water fountain sources monitored in FLASHING Hiroshi IMAI Kagoshima University  in person
The origin of the Perseus-arm gap revealed with VLBI astrometry Nobuyuki SAKAI NARIT in person
Tracing the gas flows in the inner Galaxy with maser astrometric observations Katharina IMMER European Southern Observatory online
Snapshot of a magnetohydrodynamic disk wind traced by water maser observations Luca MOSCADELLI INAF – Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri online
High resolution VLBI observations of 6.7GHz periodic methanol masers Mateusz OLECH University of Warmia and Mazury online
New maser species tracing accretion flows in a high-mass young stellar object G358.93-0.03 Andrey M. SOBOLEV Ural Federal University online
Mapping the “Dark Side” of the Milky Way Mark J. REID Center for Astrophysics |
Harvard & Smithsonian
Kinematics in the Galactic Center with SiO masers Jennie PAINE University of Colorado Boulder  online
Gaia measurements refined using radio observations from maser bearing stars Luis Henry QUIROGA-NUNEZ Florida Institute of Technology  online
Trigonometric parallax, proper motion, structure, and dynamics of three southern hemisphere methanol masers Lucas Jordan HYLAND University of Tasmania  in person
Monitoring of the polarized H2O maser emission around the massive protostars W75N(B)-VLA 1 and W75N(B)-VLA 2 Gabriele SURCIS INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari  in person
The water and methanol masers in the face-on accretion system around the high-mass protostar G353.273+0.641 Kazuhito MOTOGI Yamaguchi University  in person
Maser Activity of Large Molecules toward Sgr B2 North Ci XUE Massachusetts Institute of Technology  in person
Distance of the Seyfert 2 galaxy IC 2560 and the Hubble constant Naomasa NAKAI Kwansei Gakuin University  in person
The megamaser disk of NGC1068 Violette IMPELLIZZERI Leiden University in person
The Past, Present, and Groundbreaking Future of OH Megamaser Discoveries Hayley ROBERTS University of Colorado Boulder online
Detection of the longest periodic variability in 6.7 GHz methanol masers with iMet Yoshihiro TANABE Ibaraki University   in person
Simultaneous observations of exited OH and methanol maser – coincidence and magnetic field Agnieszka KOBAK Nicolaus Copernicus University  in person
High resolution ALMA imaging of H2O, SiO, and SO2masers in the complex atmosphere of the AGB star W Hya Keiichi OHNAKA Universidad Andres Bello in person
Evolution of the outflow traced by water masers in the evolved star IRAS 18043-2116 Lucero USCANGA Universidad de Guanajuato in person
ALMA explores the inner wind of evolved O-rich stars with two widespread vibrationally excited transitions of water Alain BAUDRY University of Bordeaux, LAB  online
Nascent planetary nebulae: new identifications and extraordinary evolution Roldan A. CALA Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia in person
Variability of water masers in evolved stars on the timescale of decades Jan BRAND INAF-Istituto di Radioastronomia & Italian ALMA Regional Centre online
Signposts of transitional phases on the Asymptotic Giant Branch Sandra ETOKA JBCA – Manchester University in person
GASKAP-OH – A New Deep Survey of OH Masers in the Southern Sky Joanne R. DAWSON Macquarie University / CSIRO in person
Introducing the MeerKAT Telescope: Studies of masers and their environment Sharmila Goedhart South African Radio Astronomy Observatory  online
Exploring galactic and extragalactic masers with LLAMA Tania Pereira DOMINICI National Institute for Space Research in person
Prospects for sub-mm maser astrometry with ngEHT Richard DODSON The University of Western Australia in person