Visa Application

First of all, the participant needs to check whether he/she needs the application to Japanese short-stay visa in the following web page (it should have been updated). Unless the country of your nationality appears in the list of exemption of visa (Short-Term Stay), you are a person who needs to concern about the visa issue.

Then, if you will need the visa application, please carefully read the following information

The LOC will support for the participant’s visa application with the applicant’s inquiry before its deadline on 2022 November 7 (or a little later depending on difficulty in the application). However, its procedure is dependent on the applicant’s nationality, departure country, and conditions of COVID-19 pandemic in Japan and overseas. Therefore, LOC is very happy if the applicant kindly provides the information what the LOC has to provide (invitation letter provided by LOC, submitted documents translated in Japanese language, etc.) and his/her personal information that should appear in the provided items. Please do not forget to provide the information of the postal address where the documents should be delivered.

Contact: iaus_maser2023_contact


##### Guideline of the LOC’s support for the symposium participant’s visa application ##### 

1) Each of the persons who wish to enter Japan, regardless of age, family member  or nationality, needs to be confirmed individually whether he/she needs a visa application and the type of the visa. The LOC appreciates that the applicants themselves do such confirmation.

2) The LOC can support independently each person who makes symposium registration and fee payment for his/her visa application through providing the documents necessary to  his/her visa application. The fee payment proves to us that the visa applicant will definitely visit Japan and join the symposium. Therefore, it is crucial to make the fee payment before the LOC provides the documents. 

3)  A visa applicant may need to show an itinerary between his/her departure country  and Kagoshima/ Japan. The LOC also would like to request the itinerary in order to support for the application. 
4) The LOC appreciates that the applicant kindly specifies which document as well as an  invitation letter is necessary and which sort of information about us should be  described in the document if it is so special. 

5) The LOC will provide the necessary documents mentioned above via normal airmail. However, if EMS is requested for some reasons, please ask it immediately. In any case, the applicant needs to explicitly show the postal address where the documents should be delivered.  

6) The LOC cannot support a person who has not made symposium registration.  However such a person is still able to apply his/her own visa without the LOC’s help.