Poster Presentations

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The list of accepted poster presentations (in order of the poster flash talk, updated on 2023 February 23)

Poster flash talks 1 (1-min flash talks up to 30 speakers)
ONLINE The Dynamics of the Outflow Structure in W49 N Kitiyanee Asanok National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand / Khon Kaen University
ONLINE Time variability of ground-state OH masers – A two-year program of observations with the CSIRO 64m Murriyang Telescope at Parkes Anita Petzler CSIRO Space & Astronomy
ONLINE Interferometric Observations of the WF Candidates OH 16.3-3.0 and IRAS 19356+0754 Priscila Chacón Universidad de Guanajuato
in person A Holistic Search for Megamaser Disks and their Role in Feeding Supermassive Black Holes Anca Constantin James Madison University 
in person Study of Active Galactic Nuclei using water vapor masers Deepshikha Deepshikha Kwansei Gakuin Universiity
in person Water masers associated with AGN in radio galaxies Satoko Sawada-Satoh Osaka Metropolitan University 
in person A search for spatial and temporal variations in the proton-to-electron mass ratio from H2 spectra Thong D. Le Ton Duc Thang University
in person Astrometric observations of water maser sources toward the Galactic Center with VLBI Daisuke Sakai National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
in person Water Masers in the Galactic Center Dylan Ward New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 
in person An ALMA View of Molecular Filaments Associated with Shock-Excited OH Masers Hidetoshi Sano Gifu University
in person Astrometry of Water Maser sources in the Outer Galaxy with VERA Hiroyuki Nakanishi Kagoshima University 
in person Estimating distances to AGB stars using IR data Rajorshi Bhattacharya University of New Mexico 
in person Searching masers from the Sgr Stellar Stream Yuanwei Wu National Time Service Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences
in person Water maser flare and potential accretion burst in NGC 2071-IR Andrews M. K. Dzodzomenyo North-West University
in person Methanol and excited OH masers in HMYSOs observed using EVN Anna Bartkiewicz Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
in person New insides of 6.7 GHz methanol maser variability in IRAS 20126+4104 Artis Aberfelds Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
in person The first and last VLBI maps of rare 7 GHz methanol masers Gabor Orosz Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC
in person Possibly New OH Excited Rotatonal State Masers Ivars Smelds Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
in person Spatio-kinematics of water masers in the HMSFR NGC6334I before and during an accretion burst Jakobus M. Vorster University of Helsinki  / North-West University 
in person Jet and Outflows of a High Mass Star Forming Region: G10.34-0.14 Jihyun Kang Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute 
in person Multiple scales of view for outflow driven by a high-mass young stellar object, G25.82—W1 Jungha Kim Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute 
in person Intensity monitor of water maser emission associated with massive YSOs Kazuyoshi Sunada National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
in person Simultaneous Single-dish Survey of Water and Methanol Masers toward High-mass YSOs in Various Evolutionary Stages Kee-Tae Kim Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute 
in person Yamaguchi interferometer survey of protostellar outflows embedded in 70 – μm dark infrared dark cloud Keita Kitaguchi Yamaguchi University
in person Ultra-precise monitoring of a class I methanol maser Maxim Voronkov CSIRO Space & Astronomy
in person Interferometric study of the class I methanol masers at 104.3 GHz Maxim Voronkov CSIRO Space & Astronomy
in person Fast variability and circular polarization of the bursting methanol maser component in G33.641-0.228 Kenta Fujisawa Yamaguchi University 
in person The environments of hyper-compact H II regions.I. G345.0061+01.794 B Toktarkhan Komesh Nazarbayev University / Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Poster flash talks 2 (1-min flash talks up to 30 speakers)
ONLINE Water maser emission in hard-Xray selected, highly obscured, AGN Paola Castangia INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari 
ONLINE Supermassive stars as sites of H2O kilomasers Martin G. H. Krause University of Hertfordshire 
ONLINE SMA Millimeter Continuum Imaging of 6.7 GHz CH3OH Maser Regions: Baseline epoch for future accretion outbursts Claudia J. Cyganowski University of St Andrews
ONLINE Water masers as an early tracer of star formation Dmitry A. Ladeyschikov Ural Federal University 
ONLINE VLA and ALMA Observations of the Extended Green Object G19.01-0.03: A partially inclined 6.7GHz Class II CH3OH maser ring and outflow-tracing NH3(3,3) and 25GHz and 278GHz Class I CH3OH masers Gwenllian Williams University of Leeds
ONLINE Zooming into the Collimation Zone of Protostellar Jets Carlos Carrasco-Gonzalez IRyA-UNAM
ONLINE Multi-scale observational study of G45.804-0.355 star forming region Mavis Seidu North West University
ONLINE ATLASGAL: Methanol masers at 3 mm Wenjin Yang Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie
ONLINE Water masers and host environments of FU Orionis and EX Lupi type low-mass eruptive young stellar objects Zsofia  M. Szabo Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie  / University of St Andrews  / Konkoly Observatory 
ONLINE A database of circumstellar OH masers update Dieter Engels Universitat Hamburg
ONLINE A Profile-based Approach to Finding New Water Fountain Candidates using Databases of Circumstellar Maser Sources Jun-ichi Nakashima Sun Yat-sen University
in person ALMAGAL Survey: Analysis of 59 Protostellar Clumps hosting Class II Methanol Masers Georgina Stroud University of Manchester
in person Catching unusual phenomena with extensive maser monitoring Michał T. Durjasz Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
in person A Multiwavelength study towards Galactic H II region G10.32-0.26 Mikyoung Kim Otsuma Women’s University 
in person Fine structure and refractive scattering of the H2O maser in W49N star-forming region Nadezhda N. Shakhvorostova P.N. Lebedev Institute of RAS 
in person Torun’s methanol maser monitoring program Paweł I. Wolak Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
in person Water maser Zeeman splitting in the ionized jet IRAS 19035+0641 A Tatiana M. Rodriguez New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 
in person High-cadence 6.7 GHz methanol maser monitoring observations by Hitachi 32-m radio telescope Yoshinori Yonekura Ibaraki University 
in person Water masers underestimating jet proper motions? Zulfazli  Rosli International University of Malaya Wales  / University of Malaya 
in person High mass star forming region (HMSFR) G024.33: Possibly another discovery in the making Stefanus van den Heever South African Radio Astronomy Observatory
in person Water masers — high resolution measurements of the diverse conditions in evolved star winds Anita M. S. Richards JBCA, University of Manchester UK
in person Investigating the inner circumstellar envelopes of oxygen-rich evolved stars with ALMA observations of high-J SiO masers Bannawit Pimpanuwat JBCA, University of Manchester UK
in person Fully 3D modelling of masers towards AGB stars – latest development and early results Bannawit Pimpanuwat JBCA, University of Manchester UK
in person Preliminary results on SiO v=1 J=1-0 maser emission from AGB stars Jean-Francois Desmurs  Observatorio Astronómico Nacional
in person A sensitive search for SiO maser emission in planetary nebulae Jose F. Gomez Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia
in person Discovery of SiO masers in the “Water Fountain’’ source, IRAS 16552-3050 Kei Amada Kagoshima University 
in person HINOTORI and Maser observations Keisuke Nakashima Kagoshima University 
in person Annual parallax measurement of extreme OH/IR candidate star OH39.7+1.5 Ryosuke Watanabe Kagoshima University 
in person OH maser variations during the transition from AGB to postAGB evolution Sandra Etoka JBCA, University of Manchester UK
in person VLBI studies of cosmic masers with current and future VLBI arrays Dong-Jin Kim Massachusetts Institute of Technology Haystack Observatory