Travel Information

Kagoshima Central, where the symposium venue is located, is accessible from Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya via a domestic flight to Kagoshima Airport. From the airport, taking a limousine bus is the easiest way to Kagoshima Central, for ~40 min . The cost is JPY 1 300.

From Fukuoka, one can arrive at JR Kagoshima Chuo (Central) Station via JR Shinkansen super-express train. The cost is around JPY 10 000.

The venue, Li-Ka 19・20, is next to the JR Kagoshima Chuo Station and the bus terminal building.

In Kagoshima City, one can take a city tram to go to local sites in the city and Kagoshima University. The cost is JPY 180.

In order to visit Senganen Garden, one of the beautiful gardens in Kagoshima City/Prefecture, one shall take a city bus for ~30 min from Kagoshima Chuo Station. The cost is around JPY 230.

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Access map of Kagoshima Airport around Kyushu (from Kagoshima Airport)
Access map of Kagoshima city (from Kagoshima City Tourism Guide)