The registration to the IAU Symposium 380 is closed permanently.

Online registration to the main program was opened from 2022 October 1 and closed on 2023 January 18. 

Online registration to the banquet was closed on 2023 February 10.

[Announced below has been expired on 2023 January 26.]

If you wish to participate IAU Symposium 380 either in-person or online, please complete your registration no later than 2023 January 10. The printed official receipt(s) for the payment(s) will be issued (separately for the registration fee and the options) at the registration desk in the venue during the Symposium. If their electric (PDF) form(s) is immediately necessary before your arrival at the venue, please provide your request to the LOC (see Contact). 

Registration Form


If you are planning to make a presentation (or presentations), please submit the file(s) of the presentation abstract(s) from as the same link as the Registration Form link. Although the abstract submission for the contributed talks has already been closed on 2022 November 7, the abstracts of the poster presentations can be submitted before January 10.  

Please check the information of other applications listed as follows.

The applications to the travel grants have already been closed on 2022 November 1.

IAU Travel Grants

NAOJ / Kagoshima University  Travel Grants

Visa Application

Child Care

[Announced on 2022 October 26]

Some of the colleagues who have made the conference registration may have received the messages  from . Our SOC and LOC do not have any relation to the organization using the e-mail address mentioned above. Please ignore those messages and never reply to them.